Epoxy Injection at Highlands Condominium Wall Flashing at Ogle Center


Waterproofing forms a barrier between water and masonry surfaces. The application of waterproofing materials seals stone or masonry surfaces, helps prevent potentially dangerous water infiltration and helps prolong the integrity of mortars and structural components. Waterproofing agents are frequently oil-based and can be rolled or sprayed on masonry surfaces.

Our professionals expertly apply water-repellent and consolidation treatments to masonry. Using the correct product will allow your masonry walls to transmit vapor and give added protection by repelling the elements.

Our waterproofing services include:

Tuckpointing – This entails removing loose or cracked mortar from brickwork or stone installations and replacing it with new mortar to ensure structural integrity and to seal out damaging water and moisture. Mortar for tuckpointing must be carefully selected to ensure that the color and texture of the new mortar closely matches the existing material that is not compromised and does not need to be removed.

Caulking & Epoxy Injection Systems – Schickel Masonry Restoration will use the correct adhesive sealants to form a permanently waterproof, flexible seal between different structural materials, such as wood and masonry, steel and masonry.


Featured Project

Paul W. Ogle Cultural and Community Center

As part of a recent repair project for this prominent southern Indiana theater and art gallery, Schickel Masonry Restoration removed brick salvage and installed new copper through wall flashing to solve a recurring water problem. Our experienced team also repaired the existing vapor barrier to allow flashing to adhere.