New Masonry Services 

New Masonry Services

Most of the new masonry services we provide revolve around services needed in conjunction with masonry restoration and historic restoration projects.

We are experienced in:

  • Building sealing (above grade and below grade)

  • Concrete repair and patching

  • Small pours

  • Joint sealants

  • Special coatings required per job – Our professionals expertly apply water-repellent and consolidation treatments to masonry. Using the correct product will allow your masonry walls to transmit vapor and give added protection by repelling the elements.

  • Epoxy repair – Schickel Masonry Restoration will use the correct adhesive sealants to form a permanently waterproof, flexible seal between different structural materials, such as wood and masonry, steel and masonry.



Featured Project

Louisville Water Company's Crescent Hill Filtration Plant

When this 100-year-old water treatment plant was in need of renovation, Schickel Masonry Restoration was called to the job. Our responsibilities included concrete repair, concrete overlayment, stone tuckpointing, cleaning of all exterior surfaces and the application of water repellant. Our team also installed expansion joints. The Crescent Hill Filtration Plant is the state’s largest water treatment plant.