Concrete at Norton Hospital

Concrete Repair & Restoration

Masonry restoration involves the repair of existing masonry materials or the complete replacement of damaged materials with new or reclaimed concrete, bricks or stones. Color and texture matching are key considerations, because an accurate match can make areas of restored stone or brick blend in seamlessly with existing materials.

Our concrete repair and restoration services include:

Exacting Replacement of Defective Masonry Joints – We perform full-depth joint cleaning and tuckpointing with new bonding mortar. Schickel Masonry Restoration can restore watertight strength and beauty to your masonry walls.

Coping & Cornice Repair – We can rebuild, patch and replace defective brick, stone, concrete and terra cotta masonry work.

Waterproofing & Specialty Coatings – Our professionals expertly apply water-repellent and consolidation treatments to masonry. Using the correct product will allow your masonry walls to transmit vapor and give added protection by repelling the elements.

Caulking & Epoxy Injection Systems – Schickel Masonry Restoration will use the correct adhesive sealants to form a permanently waterproof, flexible seal between different structural materials, such as wood and masonry, steel and masonry.

Replacement Mortar Analysis – Schickel Masonry Restoration will analyze your existing mortar to determine its crushing pressure, mortar color and the color and grade of the sand that was used when your masonry was installed. This is important because a mortar that is too soft can result in rapid deterioration and may not be strong enough to carry the load of weight above it. Using mortar that is too hard can cause damage to the bricks, prevent proper bonding to the original mortar or prevent a masonry structure from being able to breathe properly, causing mold or other damage.



Featured Project

Cathedral of the Assumption
Cathedral of the Assumption

Completed in 1852, Cathedral of the Assumption is the fourth oldest public building in the city of Louisville and the third oldest Catholic Cathedral in the United States in continuous use.  As part of an on-going building maintenance effort, Schickel Masonry Restoration repaired the window surrounds, which required lime rendering. We also performed tuckpointing and masonry repair as well as general cleaning.