Our Projects

Paul W. Ogle Cultural and Community Center,
New Albany, Indiana

As part of a recent repair project for this prominent southern Indiana theater and art gallery, Schickel Masonry Restoration removed brick salvage and installed new copper-through-wall flashing to solve a recurring water problem. Our experienced team also repaired the existing vapor barrier to allow flashing to adhere.

United States Marine Hospital of Louisville

During the renovation phase of this historic building, Schickel Masonry Restoration removed 23 coats of exterior paint. Carefully guarding the building's National Historic Landmark status, all work undertaken by our team complied with the Secretary of the Interior’s strictest standards.

Oxmoor Farm, Louisville, Kentucky

Schickel Masonry Restoration recently renovated the Oxmoor Farm building in Louisvile. Constructed in 1791, the building represents over 200 years of the Bullitt family occupation in a single place. The buildings offer a tremendous resource for learning about life in Kentucky and the Ohio Valley region from the 1780s until the present.

Unitas Tower, University of Louisville

Schickel Masonry Restoration evaluated this university residence hall in order to recommend necessary repairs. The evaluation included examining lintels and masonry façade as well as inspection of window seals and control joints.
Cathedral of the Assumption, Louisville, Kentucky

Cathedral of the Assumption,
Louisville, Kentucky

Completed in 1852, the Cathedral of the Assumption is the fourth oldest public building in Louisville and the third oldest Catholic cathedral in the United States in continuous use.  As part of an on-going building maintenance effort, Schickel Masonry Restoration repaired the window surrounds, which required lime rendering. We also performed tuckpointing and masonry repair as well as general cleaning.

Louisville Water Company's Crescent Hill Filtration Plant

When this 100-year-old water treatment plant was in need of renovation, Schickel Masonry Restoration was called to the job. Our responsibilities included concrete repair, concrete overlayment, stone tuckpoining, cleaning of all exterior surfaces and the application of water repellant. Our team also installed expansion joints. The Crescent Hill Filtration Plant is the state’s largest water treatment plant.